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2 years ago

LM Integration with FreshService Alert Management Module


We are looking to enhance our usage of Logic Monitor by tying it into the Alert Module within Fresh Service.  

First, is there anyone here who also uses Fresh Service and the alert module?  I'd like to chat and see if we can collaborate.

Second, any general recommendations for integrating Logic Monitor with an external ticketing tool?  Specifically, we are looking to keep the noise down by only creating tickets based on a particular severity, for particular assets, and at particular times.  If there is anything you can provide that would be helpful.

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  • The most straightforward way to do this is to see if Fresh Service has an email ingestion service. That way you can setup an escalation chain with that email address and use alert rules to send specific alerts to that escalation chain.

    The 2nd option, which is better but slightly more complicated, is to see if Fresh Service has an API endpoint where you can post tickets. If they do, you'll setup a custom http integration. You setup the information to get posted into the ticket, add the integration to a stage of an escalation chain and use alert rules to send specific alerts to that escalation chain.

  • @Stuart Weenig 

    We are currently using the HTTP integration.  This works but is largely dependent on what we can pull out of Logic Monitor and send to Fresh Service via the JSON file.

    Some things we are trying to enhance is location and time zone based alerts.  For example, we have some equipment at third party logistics facilities that rely on their internet connection. If those resources go down, we don't want alerts at 2am when there's nothing we can do.  I think some of this is would be done in Logic Monitor and not Fresh Service.  We're just trying to see what should be set and on what side of the fence.

  • @SWalker I’m working on the HTTP integration and am running into the following error when I try to test the alert:

    {"code":"not_authorized","message":"You are not authorized to access AMS"}

    Did you experience this issue at all when you were setting it up? I thought it might be a issue with the username and password but the account I’m using has permissions to create fresh service tickets and has access to the LM portal. 

  • @MaddyM 

    We didn't have any issues when setting up our integration.  The set-up process was pretty straightforward.  We were sending the alerts to Fresh Service which was set up to use the JSON web hook delivery out of the box.

  • Hi @SWalker we reached out to fresh service support and got everything working. Now we’re working on trying to customize the subject line of the tickets that are being generated. By default it seems to be pulling the entire alert message into the subject line which isn’t really what we want. 

  • @MaddyM 

    That’s what we’re getting as well.  A really long subject coming into our ticket system.  We’ve never spent the time to modify it.