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Welcome to Customer Central, your hub for all things LogicMonitor. Get started with our comprehensive onboarding resources, stay updated with the latest news and announcements, and connect with fellow users in our vibrant User Groups. Engage in discussions with your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to maximize the value of your LogicMonitor experience. Join the community today and unlock the full potential of your monitoring solution.
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Customer Central


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Embark on your LM Community journey with a warm welcome! Dive into a vibrant hub where connections are made, knowledge is shared, and engagement thrives. Whether you're seeking to connect with peers, expand your learning, or participate in lively discussions, this is your starting point for all things community-driven. Join us and start your journey of connection, learning, and engagement today!Latest Activity: 2 hours ago
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Community Feedback
Feedback specifically related to Community structure, boards, groups, etcLatest Activity: 3 months ago
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LM News
Stay informed and empowered with LogicMonitor News, your go-to source for announcements, updates, and valuable insights straight from LogicMonitor. Discover the latest product enhancements, industry trends, and expert commentary to keep your monitoring strategies ahead of the curve. Join us to access timely information and maximize the effectiveness of your monitoring solutions.Latest Activity: 25 days ago
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Customer User Groups
Welcome to the Customer User Group! Join below to get updates! We are just kicking off this space, and we invited you to post ideas and ask questions.Latest Activity: 31 days ago
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Roche Community
Welcome to the Roche Diagnostics sub-community on LogicMonitor! Connect with fellow Roche Diagnostics users here to share insights, best practices, and optimize monitoring strategies tailored to your specific needs. Let's collaborate and leverage LogicMonitor's capabilities to enhance operational efficiency and drive success.
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EMEA Public Sector Community
EMEA Public Sector Community brings together professionals from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to collaborate, share insights, and discuss industry trends. Join us to connect with peers, gain valuable knowledge, and enhance your expertise in the region.
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Community Job Board
Looking for the ideal candidate to join your team? Searching for the next star player to help your business thrive? You've come to the right place!Latest Activity: 4 months ago
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Inner Circle
Welcome to the Customer Showcase, sponsored by “The Inner Circle “. Feel free to peruse this Customer Story Showcase to read more about what our customers are doing out in the world and how LogicMonitor is supporting their journeys.Latest Activity: 4 months ago
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Customer Onboarding
Welcome to the LogicMonitor Customer Onboarding group, we’re happy to have you join the LogicMonitor community! In this group you sill find links to valuable getting started information, welcome guides, including training, help with setup and specific discussion forums for all your LM Product questions.Latest Activity: 4 months ago
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LogicMudders OHV
LM customers and employees who love off-roading! Share your latest adventure with us!Latest Activity: 4 months ago
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