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8 years ago


Please add Custom Variable ##EXTERNALTICKETID## the rpc/getALerts api data.



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    Hi Josh,

    We aren't adding any new features to our RPC API as it was deprecated at the end of last year, but you can get custom column information with our REST API alerts resource.  Compared to our RPC API, our REST API is more comprehensive in coverage, more secure, and provides a lot more consistency- so we recommend you give it a try! 



  • Is ##EXTERNALTICKETID## available in the REST API in the payload for an Alert?

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    If you have ##externalticketid## added as a custom column, it will be available in the REST API response for the alerts resource. 

  • On 6/24/2017 at 5:43 AM, Sarah Terry said:


    I am not able to get this in GET response for santaba/rest/alert/alerts?sort=-startEpoch for ####EXTERNALTICKETID##.

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    On 6/1/2017 at 6:14 PM, Sarah Terry said:

    The link to the current documentation for this resource is:

    @Sarah Terry, I added EXTERNALTICKETID as a custom column, removed the threshold from an instance (to clear existing alarms), let the alarm clear, then reset the threshold to open a new alarm. That alarm doesn't have a value for externalticketid, but the field also doesn't show up in the response from v2 of the API on /alert/alerts. Does it have to have a value in order to show up?

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    So you have to specify the externalTicketId custom column in the API request, like this:

    GET /alert/alerts?customColumns=%2523%2523externalticketid%2523%2523


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    I tested this and it does work in v1 API calls. I couldn't get it to work in v2 API calls.

  • The API call worked great for me, but is there any way to filter on alerts that contain data in the externalticketid column? I attempted to mimic the custom properties filtering examples, but it didn't seem to work. Thanks!

    GET /alert/alerts?,!-"no data"&customColumns=%2523%2523externalticketid%2523%2523
  • Whoops, I had a mistake in there, i should've put .value, not .data in my previous post. For posterity, I also attempted the filter with both the URL format text & plain text in double quotes (in the example below), but I get an empty customColumns returned when the filter is before the customColumns (example 1). Conversely, I DO get data when I specify the customColumn before the filter, however the filter doesn't seem to apply (example 2).

    Example 1:

    GET /alert/alerts?"##externalticketid##",customColumns.value!-"no data"&customColumns=%2523%2523externalticketid%2523%2523

    Example 2:

    GET /alert/alerts?customColumns=%2523%2523externalticketid%2523%2523&"##externalticketid##",customColumns.value!-"no data"


    Thank you!