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6 years ago

SilverPeak Monitoring

Hello All,

I'm trying to see if anyone is successfully monitoring SilverPeak devices?  I've got a number of them in my system and I'm monitoring from an up/down standpoint...but would really like to see other information pertaining to tunnels and etc.  I'm looking at creating a datasource...but I'm relatively new to LM.


Thanks in advance, appreciate any info.


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  • This is actually something we've noticed as well. Our client recently acquired this solution & wanted us to monitor it. 

    We added those devices & it indeed picks some metrics, but, detailed tunnel metrics aren't available.
    Tried to follow what is stated on the documentation but didn't found that option (to enable the export of the .CSV).

    Maybe a support case would be faster to have some help here. Since you raised the request I'm suggesting it, otherwise, I can raise one too if you don't mind.


  • If you are interested in participating in the R&D process for EdgeConnect SD-WAN 9.x modules, please reach out to me via DM.


  • Hi Jeffrey, I am looking for the same information. I noticed a published article on the LM website listed below and added the username and password properties to my resource. It is pulling some additional information such as tunnel status, but its still missing detailed tunnel info such as loss, mbps transmitted etc and is complaining about missing info in the tunnels.csv file which is inaccessible from the appliance. I logged a call with Silverpeak and they confirmed that the query made by the script is no longer valid on newer software versions. Has anybody else been able to make progress on onboarding SilverPeak?



  • Hi Victor, thanks for the feedback.

    Update from my side:

    I have managed to reach out to Silverpeak in the backend with the feedback below. I still need to read and understand this fully but it suggests that stats are to be pulled from the Orchestrator itself and not from the appliances.
    "To get the tunnel stats, you can use REST API from orchestrator--> Support--> rest API.
    You can search for aggregate stats and use below API where nePK is the appliance ID. You can find this when you hover your mouse over the appliance name in the orchestrator list view on left hand side.
    GET /stats/aggregate/tunnel/{nePk}"

    I can only pick htis up again later next week so please go ahead and log it if its urgent on your side. If there is any feedback, please update here and I will do the same.






  • Some new datasources released on this, update and import and see what you get. I am getting some site and tunnel specific throughput and latency info from the Orchestrator directly. There is a lot of information there, not sure how I will display this on a dashboard, but that is a good problem to have I suppose. Kris