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16 days ago

Customizing Alert Message for Integrations - Question.


Did anyone figured out a way to build you own alert message for a datapoint? 

I know you can use 'Customized' option in DataPoint's Alert Messsage or modify a message template but those do not affect ##MESSAGE## tag being used in Integrations. 

My walkaround was to create separate integrations for specific DataSources I care about and dropping ##MESSAGE## tag all together. 

Am I stupid or there is no easy way to do it? 

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      Thank you. I think it is not possible atm to have those customized. 

      Even if I go to use all the tokens to build my own message (which I do btw for my integrations), I still get additional metadata lines in every ticket description like:

      Alert Rule: This alert matches the rule Error Alerts
      Recipients: Alert now is going to stage 1 recipients:  servicenow_********(_ServiceNow Integration - Production)

      which are confusing for clients.

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        Yep, and I too which those could be customized. Also the subject line contains the alert ID, which cannot be removed. 

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    Hi, rszewczyk 

    According to our documentation, the ##message## token relates to "The rendered text of the alert message. This token will also pass all relevant acknowledged information (e.g., the user that acknowledged the alert, ack comments, etc.)." 

    However, there are other tokens that can be used with integrations to craft a custom Alert Message.

    Have you seen this article?