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30 days ago

CRL it possible?

Hi All

I am new to LM and have a question re monitoring CRL expiration dates. We currently monitor for expiring SSL certs (both internal and external) and need to know if it is possible to monitor CRLs too.

We manage multiple customers, and an outage was caused recently due to an expired CRL. I would like to avoid these in the future :)

Any help is appreciated.


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  • I don't know anything out of the box that does it, but certificates has always been a dark area in my knowledge. Is it possible, likely yes. You'd have to answer these two questions: 1) is monitoring it important enough for me to write a logicmodule (which may involve no-code options) and 2) how would I monitor this today if it were my day job? If all I had to do was monitor this, would i interpret the output of a powershell command? Would I go to a website and manually parse through some data? Understanding how the data is obtained manually is the first step towards writing a module that can do that for you.