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12 months ago

Updates to modules showing in repo but not modules toolbox

Why would this be? There were 5 updates to aws_billing_* modules today, but they only show up when i use the traditional repo update option. No combination of filters could show those in the module toolbox, except by clearing all filters and just searching by name. Even then, once found by name, they showed already up to date. 

In addition, when trying to make a filter to show them, i was frustrated (once again) that the filters are filtering by values we cannot see:

  • The “Customized” field isn’t displayable on the table at all, or if it is, it’s displayed as an icon in the status column. However, the dropdown for the filter is not an icon, it’s text. 
  • The status column shows an icon, but the filter values are text. Which icon corresponds to which text? 
  • For these 5 modules, the “Support” column was blank, even though these modules come from LM so should be “official”? How can you filter by “Support” == null?

It’s all very Duolingo: make mistakes and wander your way through until you figure it out?

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