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5 years ago

Is two factor authentication down?

We are unable to login using two factor auth this monring (0800h) in UK.  We get a 500 error when users try to get a code (any method, Authy, SMS, phonecall).

LogicMonitor status page shows all greens.

@Sarah Terry

Noticed this though from yesterday:


Resolved - This incident has been resolved. 
Sep 10, 16:53 CDT
Investigating - LogicMonitor is currently investigating technical abnormalities, which may be impacting customer accounts. We will update once we have further information on the full scope of impact. 
Sep 10, 16:33 CDT

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  • @Sarah Terry - Resolved for us around 1530h (UK), but I did have to chase support a few times before it was escalated.  Can I suggest LM should monitor this endpoint? :D

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    @Mosh That is a great point, and one our team uses as part of our follow-up tasks when conducting a Root Cause Analysis (RCA). As much as we strive to monitor everything, gaps may be discovered. To resolve those gaps we have a two-pronged approach. We identify application logic to see if they can be modified to self-recover from a failure. Secondly, we identify ways to have DataSources monitor and alert upon these issues in the future. This cycle is performed consistently with all Service Disruptions. Apologies for the inconvenience as experienced.