Potential 187 UI bug

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I tried to report this via Engineer chat, but no response.

We have 187 early access.

Looks like there may be a critical UI bug relating to the new Instance Group functionality…

If you select an instance and then the Instance Group, the UI does NOT update to show the overview graphs etc.

Please ping me via email to review the issue in our early access portal on a Zoom meeting.

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I’m not seeing this behavior. UIv3 or UIv4? FWIW: we’re not even looking at UIv4 until Q4 of this year.

Here’s what I’m doing in UIv3:

navigate to an instance that is in an instance group

navigate to the graphs tab

click on the instance group in the resource tree

The right hand pane is updating as expected. 

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David - Apologies that you weren’t able to connect to an engineer via live chat.

If you don’t get a response as quick as you’d like, please submit a support ticket, and one of our engineers will touch base with you as soon as we’re able to do so.

Kindly reference this link to do so:


Just an FYI, I’ll be following up with you, via the ticket that’s currently in the queue.


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Support contacted me.

Issue can be reproduced and a GIF has been sent for the devs to investigate.