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Participants needed for UX and Product research

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I am a UX Designer currently conducting research on the user experience of LogicMonitor in order to help the Product and the Design teams better prioritize improvements and product direction.  I was hoping that some of you might be interested in participating in my research.  I am interested in talking to anyone who interacts with LogicMonitor, from users who only occasionally use LogicMonitor to those who spend most of their day in the product.


This is a quick, 30 minute interview, at your convenience, over Zoom.  I will ask you questions about the way you work, your usage of LogicMonitor, and your impressions of the product.  You will also have a chance to call out any additional problems or needs with LogicMonitor.  None of the questions are about personal or private topics.  This is not a Marketing or NPS survey, its purpose is entirely for product planning and any data collected will be kept confidential and stripped of identifying information.


If you are interested, please let me know and I will reach out to you about setting up the session.

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I’m in.

Could probably ask any of us in the Open Beta Process group.

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I’m open to this also.

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I’m interested, if you are still looking for people.

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If more input is needed, I'm willing to join!

I’m willing


i can spend 20 min

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Let me know if you still need participants! 

We’re interested in participating

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Absolutely interested!  Please contact me to schedule a time to review.

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Happy to help.  let me know when you have open time.

Would love to be included in this and have some awesome ideas.



@Keith S - if you still need some volunteers, let me know

Sign me up.  I have lots of suggestions and ideas for parts of the User Experience

If you are still looking for volunteers, I’d be interested in helping out. Thanks

We are pretty new to the platform but happy to help out

Interested in participating

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We’ve been using LogicMonitor since it used the Yahoo UI (2010).

We are also the authors of the LogicMonitor REST API nuget package (, so also know the V3 REST API better than most.

We are VERY keen to provide feedback.