Is it feasible to get data for EBS from CloudWatch metrics at every minute interval?

  • 23 February 2023
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I'm seeking for data that will reproduce CloudWatch data in LM at every minute frequency, however I'm only getting data every 5 minutes. 

Furthermore noted in the global definition is -Gathers Elastic Block Storage performance statistics as supplied by CloudWatch. According to Amazon, the minimum polling interval is 5m.

@Stuart Weenig - Is there any solution to solve this thing?


3 replies

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I don’t know very much about the cloudwatch collection method. However, it may be as simple as changing the poll rate on that datasource from the default 5 minutes to 1 minute. I don’t know if there are ramifications of that like rate limiting etc.

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EBS CloudWatch metrics are available at 1 minute intervals (see, so you can just change the polling interval in LM to 1 minute. 

The reason we default to 5 mins is to optimize CloudWatch costs out of the box -- the 1 minute polling will get you more granular data (and alerts), but it will add more to your CloudWatch bill as well. 

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I thought that might be the case. Wonder if that could be added to the documentation here: (or somewhere else if there’s a better page explaining it).