Installing collector in AWS

  • 22 March 2023
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Hi , We are trying to install a collector in AWS EC2 instance. As per recommendation we have whitelisted * in the firewall and able to access the URL from instance. While trying to install using bootstrap its not able to download the file from CDN. However we are able to install the collector using the full package downloaded. The installation is getting completed and the services are running. However the verification from LM console is not getting successful. We can see errors in install-detail log regarding registering the collector.

Whether anyone faced this kind of issue earlier and fixed? Appreciate any help on this.

3 replies

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Hello snmp,

This will need to be investigated and is best resolved going through LM support.

Please contact support by raising a ticket or chat through your portal. Please provide the logs and further details in the ticket.

Support link found top right hand side of your portal.



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Hi Ajay, Thanks for the response. I have already raised the case with support, but not much progress has been made yet. That's why thought of asking here.

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Hi @snmp 

My name is Paul Jeffries one of the Technical Support Managers here on your LogicMonitor Support team. 

I am sorry to hear you had some frustrations using our service, its never our intention to make getting the help you need difficult.

I’ve sent your a DM so if you can reply with the information requested and I’ll be sure to get you the help you need

Kind regards