AWS EC2 cloud collector vs local collector

  • 23 May 2023
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When we add our AWS account to LM, By default AWS EC2 instances are monitored via cloud collector. I have a local collector installed on AWS environment and I have made the device to monitor via local collector rather than cloud collector. But even after changing the collector still I can see metrics are polled every 5 mins in the cloud collector data source which will get the metrics from cloud watch. I want to know if this will increase our cloud watch cost for my account.



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Hello Naveenkumar,

So, when a resource is added into your portal via the LogicMonitor cloud integration it will by default collect metrics via that cloud integrations API.  In this case since it’s AWS it will be via cloudwatch. 

In addition to these cloud metrics collected via the cloudwatch API, you can as you mentioned assign it to pull information via a local collector as well.  These will be collector via your standard monitoring protocols depending on the type of device and what protocols it has available.  

When you add in the local monitoring it does not disable those cloudwatch calls, it is just adding the additional information. 

If you are concerned with the increased cost due to the cloudwatch DataSources continuing to poll, you can disable monitoring for those DataSources.  This will disable the collection and active discovery portion of those DataSources.  This support article goes over doing just that: 


As always if you run into questions or have problems please consider reaching out to your LogicMonitor support team as we would be more than happy to help you out further!