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3 years ago

VxRail - Spine Leaf configuration

We stood up Logic Monitor after being forced to migrate away from Solarwinds. 

I miss the brute force way I could create some dashboards to show how the VxRail setup of our Spine / Leaf network configuration was setup.

For those that ask - What is a Spine / Leaf network configuration.
It is a term some vendors are using to explain a Mother Switch that connects back to the Core that then connects to the WAN,
And the Spine connects to the Leaf Switch that is a dual switch used in Top-Of-Rack (TOR) for a set of VxRail ESXi hosts. 
Each of these VxRail hosts are 36 processors , 574 GB Memory , 41 TB Storage. 
They share the Storage -  so one example is a 10 ESXi setup with 360 processors, and 410 TB of Storage in a term they call vSAN.

What I want to monitor are the Spine Connections to the CORE - ie - out of the Spine / Leaf container.
- the Spine to Leaf connection -
- the Leaf to ESXi systems of the dual TOR switches and their Switch to Switch Traffic as well.

One approach to create this is from reference tables that have the Switch IP - and Interesting Interface Numbers for each of the three types of pictures I am interested in.

Has anyone create this type of dynamic building of Dashboards? 
Ideally this would also be able to be dynamic so I can change between viewing Spine 1-2 as a set, Spine 3-4 as a set, etc. 
Then also be able to see the Leaf1-2; Leaf3-4; etc. 

Then there is also the view that needs to be done for the CPU, Memory, Storage resources for each of the Clusters / Hosts within the VxRail configuration.  

My first interest is the Network Traffic understanding.  Looking for high usage and when it happened. Being able to drill into the Leaf area to also find the Hosts that are involved with the high traffic. 

Any suggestions or pointers I should know about on how to approach this?



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