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2 years ago

v1/v2 API Sunset

Did anyone else get a little sick at how many things are probably going to break in October?

  • My biggest worry with this is that I inherited being our portal admin in a trial by fire, when the previous individual left. And internally to our company, things were set up before I came on to where different lines of business use the system for different things, and they have their own abilities to make collectors, write scripts that use the API, etc. And they have been using the portal for ages.

    So in a nutshell, I have no way that I know of to even be sure of what v1 or v2 scripts exist that people rely on. I can see all the tokens in use but I dont think the logs show me who is actually using them. So all I can do is communicate it. But there could be any number of scripts using the API that I’m unaware of. So I’m going to communicate, and of course any scripts directly made my my predecessor I think I have awareness of, and converting isnt hard.

    But I dread the October Breakstorm that is coming. :)

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