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3 years ago

Using an API collecting CPU and Memory and Network Performance data for multiple servers

Is there a way to pull back CPU, memory, and network utilization for all Windows servers with a single API call?  From what I am reading in some of the online forum’s, an API call is needed for each device.  As well as for each counter needed.  

Thanks in advance- Jeff

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    Do you mean collecting the data from the devices or pulling the data from LM?

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    I think there's a way that you can initiate the execution of a report then fetch the data from that report, but that probably couldn't be combined into a single api call.

    There's also a way to fetch the data for a dashboard widget. You'd still have to do one call per dashboard widget though. 

    What are you trying to accomplish? Depending on what you're trying to do, there may be more elegant solutions than API interaction.

  • I'm wanting to generate a report that shows server activity based upon cpu, memory, and network utilization over a given timeframe (14 days to start).  Initially, the report will be used to identify servers that are underutilized and potential candidates for decommissioning.   

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    I think you should be able to accomplish this with a dashboard or a report. Both can be scheduled for delivery on a regular basis with a specified timeframe.

  • Is there a way to get all three (cpu, memory, and network) on a single row?

    Something like this...

    ServerName        CPU       Memory        Network

    serverA               10%       15%              18%

    serverB               2%         8%                12%

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    Currently, no. Each table widget can only focus on one DataSource at a time. Metrics report also won't do that. It'll make a new row for each instance. You can sort by device and sort by instance. The report option would get you all the data though, which could easily be crosstabbed in Excel/Google sheets.