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10 months ago

Transition plan for Meraki

We’ve been monitoring Meraki for a while now. It looks like the documentation still talks about the current way of doing Meraki monitoring, where the devices end up as instances.

Will new Meraki monitoring still use netscans to bring the devices in?

Will the serial number be used to permanently uniquely identify the device? 

Will there be a controlled grouping structure like there are for cloud providers? Will there be a script/DataSource to build/update the group structure (thinking along the lines of my Device By Collector Auto Grouping DS)?

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  • Cool. Any chance we could get a peek at the netscan script? Does it provide the ability to filter by org id?

    We currently have a system of truth that has a CSV of the org IDs for each of our customers. We have an SDK based script that takes that information and builds/rebuilds (idempotently) the netscan for each customer and schedules/reschedules it. I want to make sure I can continue to use this automation as it allows my CSMs to onboard new org IDs within existing customers or prevent certain orgs that the key has access to from being discovered.

  • @Stuart Weenig as you can see from the image, Meraki devices are imported as discrete LM Envision Resources.

    An Enhanced Script NetScan creates the following resource group structure in the root folder of your choosing and creates the root folder if it doesn’t exist:

    Meraki Org

    • Meraki Network Name
    • Meraki Network Name

    If/when the names change in the Meraki Dashboard, the NetScan (if scheduled to recur) will automatically update the changes in LogicMonitor.

    The Enhanced Script NetScan is 100% property and filter driven, so there is no need to edit the script to add the API key. The NetScan allows you to filter by Meraki Device Type, Network ID, or Tag.

  • Hi, Stuart. I’ll start answering this tomorrow (Friday) and hope to include some screenshots.  Thanks so much!!!

  • Let’s meet so we can review it together.  Please DM me with your availability.