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25 days ago

Report for Interface - Total upload/download volume


Is there a way to modify the Interface Bandwidth report to show total volume of data transmitted during a specific timeframe? 

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  • There's not a way to get it from that report, but you can create a Resource Metric Trend report that uses the InOctets and OutOctets datapoints. That report gives you the option of showing the Sum which would sum up the values of the datapoints across the selected timeframe.

  • Thank you.  This looks like a better option for sure.  Having issues with the SUM data, as it doesn't align with the actual total bandwidth used for this timeframe.  The SUM shows 30G Should be closer to 2048G

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      Probably something to bring up with support as they can look at your report config and identify any issues that might be there and/or explain what might be going on.