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5 days ago

Rate Limit settings for Alerts-Best Practice?

Good afternoon,

We have a LogicMonitor integration with ConnectWise (for ticketing), and when an error or critical level event occurs, it will be sent to ConnectWise, which will in turn create the ticket for our Ops team. Whenever a throttling/rate limited alert comes in, it never indicates within the ticket which resources were involved. It's usually a generic "Alert-Several Hosts" titled ticket, and no specific information. Is there a way in LM to change this, or is this more of a function on the CW side of things, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? 

Also, what is a reasonable # of alerts in an x amount of time? Our environment is set to no more than 2 alerts delivered in a 30 min time period before throttling occurs. This seems pretty low to me. 


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  • I don't use ConnectWise nor have more information about the throttling messages. But we set ours up to not do any throttling at all into our ticketing system. If we get a flood of tickets we can merge or parent/child them together (I have not tried out dexda).

     I personally see the throttling more for email or chat notifications where you want to get a notice that something is wrong and to manually review the LM portal while not getting flooded with popups. Even so, 2 alerts within 30 minutes sounds way too low to me and would expect something liker perhaps 3-5 alerts within 5 min.

  • We use CW and we have it set to 200 alerts/10 minutes. Haven't had issues except once or twice when things completely blew up.