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3 years ago

Obtaining only specific metric data

Hi All,

I'm using  https://<COMPANY><DEVICE_ID>/devicedatasources/<DATASOURCE_ID>/instances/<INSTANCE_ID>/data?filter=period=1 but am getting a lot of metrics I don't need data for.

Is there a way to specify which metrics you want to export, e.g. below?


Perhaps there is another way to do this?



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    No way to do that as far as I know. The 'fields' parameter could be 'dataPoints', but i don't think there's a way to filter it before fetching it. You would need to filter after fetching. Are you concerned with performance or is it difficult to filter after fetching?

  • This is a performance issue.

    We want to:

    • reduce the server load on the API
    • reduce network traffic
    • reduce the client deserialization CPU load

    Until we can specify which datapoints are returned, we have no way of doing this.

    We have the same problem getting graph data using the graphId of -1.  We have to retrieve ALL data (sometimes dozens of time series graph lines with ~900 datapoints each), whereas what we really need is ONE line.