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8 years ago

Monitor arbitrary TCP port

Greetings LM community.

We would like to monitor arbitrary TCP ports. The result we would like to achieve is a simple service is listening or not result.

Is this possible ?




  • Hi Tom, 

    No, none of the monitored instances that you add via port-multi will count as a license slot.  


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    If you setup active discovery using the script i posted above, you wouldn't use the "Add Monitored Instance" option at all. It would just show up since LM is discovering and listing them automatically.

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    The UDP protocol does not support basic echo commands because it is sessionless. Not a limitation of LogicMonitor, but a limitation in the underlying UDP protocol.

  • This SAM component monitor tests the ability of a TCP/IP-based service to accept incoming sessions. It tries to establish a socket connection using the Connect method of System. This component monitor does not compute a statistic.