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2 years ago

Module Update Differences Report

I mentioned on the webinar today that I’d post an example output from my diff script. I’m not going to attach it here, so I’ll link to it instead. It’s an HTML page and it’s an older version of the script output, but opening it in your browser (use incognito if you’re worried) will show the list of modules whether they’re UpdatedNotInUse, UpdatedInUse, or New. Clicking on the blocks under a module (red=there’s a difference, green=there’s no difference) will show the existing vs. new versions. To generate this report, all I need is a RO set of credentials with view access to modules (I think). I use this as my checklist of updates to address. I have the history and existing definition on there (Old JSON) because I like to know if my version is out of date because LM changed an LM setting or if they changed something I had customized. And the old JSON is on there in case I need to revert (which I haven’t had to yet).

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  • To be clear, the webinar was LM’s hosted by Mike Aracic. Someone asked if there was a report that showed the differences and I chimed in mentioning mine.

  • The tool has existed in it’s current state for a few months and works really well. I built a DataSource to alert me whenever the number of updates available changes, which prompts me to refresh the report. Unreleased as of yet, given it’s proprietary IP. One of two things could happen:

    1. LM builds these features into their module toolbox. I’ve already had several promising conversations with @Michael Rodrigues about it and I’m enthusiastic about his plans. We spoke about several of the key features that I built into my tool and how they could be built into the module toolbox and why they needed to be there. We also spoke about some features that I didn’t build in, but that I wanted to and he already had identified the possibility, but had yet to have anyone voice the value/use case.
    2. LM delays building these features into the module toolbox, making the module toolbox a veritable earwax flavored jelly bean. In that case, I may offer the update report as a service to other LM customers. I’d have to determine the demand and whether or not it would be something that would be financially profitable for us. The idea would be to have you give me the API credentials to your portal, permissions limiting me to just the modules, and I’d run the report on a regular basis and host it on a password protected space where you’d access it. DM me if you’d be interested. I have no idea on cost nor price.
  • Apparently, I missed a webinar. Looking at your example output, it must have been a great webinar.

    Are you just teasing us with your static HTML file, or is there a diffing tool coming soon?