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2 years ago

Meraki MX SD-WAN monitoring

For those who add their Meraki MX devices as LM Envision Resources, we’ve developed and are actively testing  modules for:

Security Appliance Performance (including Performance Score)

Security Appliance Health (including HA status)

Security Appliance Tunnels (including intuitively named instances, status, Tx/RX/Utilization, packet loss, latency, jitter, MOS, stats by WAN interface when load balancing…)

We currently have a few customers testing these. However, if you would like to test and provide pre-release feedback please DM me or respond here, so I can follow-up with you.

We’re very interested in testing on a wide variety of MX models and configurations (HA, non-HA, hub/spoke/mesh, 3rd party VPN, Z-series VPNs…)


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  • We are not doing anything to change people’s existing Meraki network-based monitoring into discrete LM Resources. However, the modules I am referring to are resource-based, i.e. they apply to an LM Resource that represents a discrete Cisco Meraki or Cisco Catalyst device.

  • Will you be making Meraki devices resources or are they still instances on networks? That’s been the biggest problem for us with all of LM.