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6 years ago

LogicMonitor Portal Metrics

LogicMonitor Portal Metrics is a DataSource that queries the API of a specified LogicMonitor portal for overall statistics such as device, collector, and alert counts. It was originally written by fellow Sales Engineer @Jake Cohen, and updated by Monitoring Engineer @Julio Martinez (credit where credit is due!) It can be useful for tracking the activity within an account over time.


The recommended/ required method for implementing the DataSource is as follows:

  1. Download the LogicMonitor Portal Metrics DataSource from the LogicMonitor Repository using locator code J7RGZY.
  2. Add a new device to your account in Expert Mode - use 'logicmonitor.account' in place of IP Address/ DNS and whatever you'd like for the Display Name (LogicMonitor Portal, for example.)
  3. - This device won't respond to standard DataSources, so you'll probably want to do some alert tuning once it's been added.
  4. Add properties to the device to allow the DataSource to authenticate. The required properties are:
  • lmaccount (LogicMonitor account name - without the at the end)
  • (LogicMonitor API Key Access ID)
  • lmaccess.key (LogicMonitor API Key Access Key)
  1. Once those properties are in place, the DataSource should automatically apply to the new device.
  2. Download the LogicMonitor Portal Metrics dashboard from Github.
  3. Let us know what you think!

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