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3 years ago

LM datasource to discover instances and create devices

Hey All,

We have some use cases when we need to not only discover the instances by specific LM datasource - but also, create a separate device - which would be monitored separately as a standalone device. Ideally, we would prefer to have something similar to "cloud account" - where discovered cloud VMs would be monitored by LM collectors - if those discovered ones comply with some conditions (have some tags, located in specific resource group etc.)

Those use cases, for example - SDWAN, OVMx86 monitoring - which are purely based on scripted methods for discovery, then, discovered instances are monitored via scripts as well (API based). At the same time, discovered instances has its own management IPs - representing remote vEdge (SDWAN), or OS - hosted by discovered hypervisor server or VM (OVMx86) - which are candidates for deeper monitoring (including usual methods available from LM - defining device type, and applying relevant data/event sources).
Possible options would be:

  • Netscan - using the same discovery script as for monitoring datasource, but, formatting the output  - expected by netscan
    simple, out of box functionality (with minor efforts to adopt the discovery script)
    need to have multiple netscan configs for the same "technology" - by location, customer etc.
    no option to automatically deleting the devices in LM when they are not available anymore
  • Creating devices as part of discovery script (LM API)
    full cycle to add/remove devices
    custom (efforts on developing/support), exposing LM API creds

just curious:

  • Does anyone have similar use cases and how they approached to implement it?
  • Can be those monitoring solutions (like cloud account) - be developed and added as an option by LM customers? Does LM have something out of box to offer for those use cases (in current or future releases)?


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    12 hours ago, NikolayD said:

    no option to automatically deleting the devices in LM when they are not available anymore

    You could create a scripted property source that would flag devices as inactive and move them to a different dynamic group. Doesn't automatically delete them, but you could use some alert logic to raise an alert that would kick off the deletion workflow.

  • If you have a linux box on your network somewhere, you could always set a cronjob to hit the api and delete the folder/devices(flagged by a property source) and then recreate the group with another api call.  Isn't an out of the box solution, but should work if you really needed a solution in the interim. 

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    You could create a scripted netscan that pulls the list of instances from the LM API and creates devices out of them.