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5 years ago

Is there no way to easily export Alerts w/ the details?

So is there no way to easily export the alerts page? Am I missing something or why is there no way to export the alerts I need to share with folks to a CSV, PDF, etc....? Why is there no way to do this on the main Alerts page? Also is there any way to list, show the actual alert details? I don't want to have to click on every alert so I can then view the alert details. Is there a way to show this as one of the columns? 

So I'm looking for a way to export the Alerts I am viewing after creating my filter and to also include the Alert Message details. 

Please don't tell me I have to use the horrific "Reports' section and then build a Report based on the "Alerts" template to export alerts. This as far as I can tell doesn't even allow to show the alert message details which I need included in the export/report.

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  • Use the Reports section? ;)

    It does seem LM is not that strong in the reporting department. Something like that you may want to either write a script to get the details from the LM API or put in a feature request for a more detailed report. In our case, all our alerts go to our ticketing system so we tend to do reporting from that instead.


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    You can add columns to the Alerts page by clicking the gear. As @Mike Moniz mentioned, reports is the way to go to get the CSV or PDF.  Message is usually a multiline value that is created from other tokens so i'm guessing that's why it can't be added as a column on the page.  ##MESSAGE## is a valid token for integrations.

    Agreed that there should just be an "export to csv" option right on the page.

    You could write an external alerting script that logs all alerts to an html, json, xml, or csv and pop that into a dashboard using the HTML widget. I think ##MESSAGE## is also available for external alerting. Or like @Mike Moniz suggested, you can get at it via the api. Shouldn't be too difficult to do with javascript, so it could theoretically be built as an HTML widget within a dashboard.