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6 months ago

Is there any way to view the Alert Routing for all resources and websites?


I have a “Catch All” alert rule at the end of our list that gets any alerts that weren’t caught by something else in the list.  If I manually go to a server, and drill down to an instance item, I can click the Bell icon to view the Alert Routing for that check.

Is there any way to view all the Alert Routing information for our entire LM system and get a list of which alerts WOULD hit the Catch All rule?  I want to get a list so I can go fix them before we get an actual alert that then doesn’t go to the right people.

I didn’t see a Report to get this information.  I also didn’t see Alert Routing in the API info anywhere.  Does anyone know if this is possible?


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  • Nothing like this that I know of. You’d basically have to hit every datapoint on every instance. It would be nice to have a capability on the alert rules page to do a “dry run” of all alerts in the last X hours to see which alerts would have gone to which rules. That would get you close, but not exactly what you’re asking for.

    FWIW: our catch all sends to our main ticketing queue so we’re not as concerned about it.