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3 years ago

Invalid Email due to Ampersand

Trying to add an email address to an escalation chain. the email in question has an Ampersand (&) symbol in it and when trying to add it, it errors saying "invalid email".

Is there a way around this that anybody is aware of?


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    Looks like the syntax checker is local in your browser, so there'd need to be a feature request to get that fixed. Reach out to your CSM to make sure that gets done.

    I was able to add "new&" to one of my escalation chains through v2 of the API. I mimicked what the UI does by observing it in chrome as i put in "". It did a PUT to /setting/alert/chains/3, where 3 is the ID of the escalation chain I added to. PUT operations require the entire payload of what you want the finished object to look like, so i grabbed the payload from chrome's developer tools, updated the email address and did a PUT a href="" rel="">through postman. This is what my payload looked like:

      "ccDestinations": [
      "description": "",
      "destinations": [
          "stages": [
            [{"addr": "victoria","contact": "","method": "email","type": "ADMIN"}],
            [{"addr": "On Call","contact": "","method": "","type": "GROUP"}],
            [{"addr": "new&","method": "email","type": "ARBITRARY"}]
          "type": "single"
      "enableThrottling": true,
      "id": 3,
      "inAlerting": false,
      "lnkUseTimeBasedHelp": false,
      "name": "Network Operations",
      "throttlingAlerts": "20",
      "throttlingPeriod": "10"