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9 months ago

Info and Overview resource tabs

I’d like to know what is planned to make the overview and info tabs for resources easier to use/more useful.

My experience with the info tab is that there is just too much information on it for my day to day tasks. It’s all useful to have, but the details I need most are spread out through a very long list and I honestly don’t remember what the property names of them are most of the time. Is there something in the works to make this easier? If I could pin which properties are most important to me to the top of the screen, that’d be helpful. Being able to put them in a table on the overview tab would also be very helpful.

Right now, I’m not really using the overview tab much since I can’t put what would be useful on it. To me these seem like they should be device level dashboards. Are there any plans to add more functionality to this tab? I’d need more tabular data instead of just graphs (important details from the info tab, instance level info from various datasources, etc.)

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