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5 years ago

How do you acknowledge multiple alerts via console?

Hello, in my environment we restart servers on weekends due to windows updates. This morning my console has all yellow warnings related to "systems uptime". I can acknowledge individual alerts, however, how do I acknowledge all these alerts at the same time?


thank you

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  • On the alerts page you can click on the check boxes for each alerts you want to ACK then click on the top Acknowledge link. You can also filter the alert list to just the ones you want to ACK (like searching for "Uptime") then click on the top checkbox to select all that match your filter before clicking on Acknowledge.

    "System Uptime" (WinSystemUptime) will typically just alert for the first hour (3600sec) when a Windows system reboots then auto-clears itself. When you do maintenance/patching or have expected downtime, it's suggested you setup a SDT ahead of time so you don't get notifications for expected alerts.

  • thank you for responding, I basically was able to filter based on Server Uptime and acknowledge. took a moment to figure out filtering.



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    @Mike Moniz is right, the best way to handle this is SDT (scheduled down time). You can setup a recurring period and any alarms opened during that time will not be sent out as notifications and will have a stopwatch icon on them to indicate that it's a planned outage. The system uptime alert should clear 1 hour after the device comes back online. It's odd that you're seeing them on Monday morning when the reboot would have happened over the weekend.