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2 months ago

CW Integration and Recipient Group Alert Routing

I'd like to have my ConnectWise integration create a ticket and send a notification to a recipient group from an alert rule. I'm not sure if I would be able to have this be done on the same stage; but, having these both done with the same alert rule (Website Down) would be preferred. The alert messages for the ticket would not need to be the same as for the Recipients because this group will only need to know that the alert triggered without SDT/Acknowledged accessibility. 

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  • Just add your recipient group to the escalation chain stage the cw integration is in.

    Having a different alert message won't be doable.

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      In order for this to work the way I am imagining; I can clone the current escalation chain integration and add recipients as the recipient group created. Also, can the users just have notifications sent without the option of setting SDT or acknowledged? 

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        You can clone the escalation chain so that you can have one with people CC'd and one without. But each alert rule can only point to one escalation chain.

        Whether or not LM emails out the notification when the alert clears, or when it's acknowledged or enters SDT, that is determined by the alert rule. It's a checkmark near the bottom of the rule definition.