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5 years ago

CSV mass import failing to add nodes, can be added manually.

Hi all,


I have a few hundred servers I need to import into LogicMonitor.


I think the best approach is to add them wholesale via CSV file.

I ran a test batch CSV file with 4 servers. 3 of them added successfully, the failed one I added via gui without incident. Strange.....


I ran a 2nd batch with 7 servers. Of these, only 2 were added into LogicMonitor.


I find it unlikely this is a syntax error seeing as at least some are being added, but I can see no good explanation why it is not adding all entries from CSV file.

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  • @Stuart Weenig I'm having the same issue while adding multiple properties or not sure how define multiple properties in correct way. :)/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20" />  Your guidance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. 


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    The syntax looks like this:

    IP,displayname,hostgroup,properties,Device from CSV,New Target Group,"
    prop.two=secondproperty",Another Device from CSV,New Target Group,"

    Notice how the properties are separated by a newline. Seems odd to me, but it should be doable. Even in Google Sheets, i was able to insert a carriage return in the properties column and it exported with the correct syntax that I could then import into LM.