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2 years ago

Changing the checkpoints for certain customers in GUI

My issue is that we use LM to monitor multiple customers that use website monitoring which is great, except when it comes to setting the checkpoints for just a certain customer.  So if I have customers 1,2,3 naturally all 5 checkpoints are turned on which is great, but if customer 2 decides they only want to poll from US sites (2) is there an easy way in the GUI without going thru all 150+ of their URLs manually and change the checkpoints? I know if I go to global settings that works but then I would have to go into Customers 1 and 3 to change all their checkpoints to use all 5 polling locations. 

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  • I don’t think there is a way in the GUI but you should be able to do that using the API. Generally when I want to do something in bulk I end up using the API. As an MSP, I suggest putting in some time building/finding a few common bulk scripts. Bulk adding devices, bulk website monitoring, bulk SDT, etc. LM provides a Python Library to make it a easier to do and there are a few PowerShell based modules out there also. What is also useful is that the Portal itself uses the API, so using the browser dev tool’s network tab, you can see what API calls are being used while using the GUI, then code that in a loop for bulk work.

  • Moving them into resources would fix those only if they then work the same way as resource modules.  I have seen nothing on the plan there, so I will reserve judgement :).

  • Yes, the API is the way to go along with properties to guide the API for how to adjust settings.  We also use the API for websites to detect when SSL monitoring is “off” (e.g., missing or non-standard thresholds), but really it would be better to define a property set per client that the API script uses to update that subtree.  Unfortunately, website “templates” are entirely global so cannot be adjusted per client and there are no tokens available for step descriptions -- those have been problems forever and I don’t see LM making any plans to fix them at this point.

  • I don’t see LM making any plans to fix them at this point.

    Probably. However, there has been talk for a long time about moving websites into the resources tree. If that happened, it would make sense that the alert tuning tab for a group should be able to do that.