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5 months ago

Can we remove the add button in Resources based on roles?

At the moment when a user has view permissions on any folder within the resources tab they are also able to see and use (to an extent) the add button, this is within both the UIs

For addition of a device and and Cloud account it pops up that permissions are denied quickly, but for Kubernetes cluster and device groups it seems to be it denies alot later, when you attempt to save

This also means that you can use dynamic queries to run a search, test it and then export to csv the output

Is there a way that we can add a role so that we can stop this button being viewed at all other than to stop them having the ability to see the resources tab altogether?

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    @Colin Shardlow

    For k8s clusters, the user can only get to the first step in the process without the permission to generate API keys. They cannot see anything they wouldn’t have permissions to view.

    This is the same thing for dynamic groups. The query will only show Resources the user has permissions to view. 

    If you are experiencing behavior other than this, please do submit a support ticket for further investigation. If you do, please link this post! 

  • Did you submit this as feedback? That is the only way to get things potentially done in the product from a client perspective.