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5 days ago

Any way to change which portal a collector is associated with?


Our company was acquired by a different company, and we both use LM.  Is there any way to take a collector that's point to and change it to point to so all the servers get populated in the new portal?

I know I can just create a new company2 collector for the company1 servers, but then I have to rediscover everything and add in all the servers again.  I thought if there was an easy way to just change the existing collector to point to the new portal, it would just pop everything in nice and easy.


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  • I'm not sure if there is a way to reassign a collector to another portal, but it would not help you in a migration anyway. The devices and other information is not stored on the collector but in the portal itself.

    You'll have to rebuild the devices into the new portal. You can make it easier by using the API and scripts that can export data from one portal and use it to populate the other portal with another script. Perhaps LM support can get you something to help with it.

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      Exactly. Moving the collector won't take anything with it. Just install a new collector. As Mike_Moniz mentioned: move your resources from one portal to the other.