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4 months ago

Alert List Dashboard, not a Widget on a Dashboard

Does anyone else have a Dashboard that contains just a single widget, an Alert List widget, so show every alert?

It’s really annoying having the double scrollbar:

We should have a special Dashboard that is an Alert List to avoid this problem.

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  • bugger I forgot to copy it here. @Kwame A is it possible for LM to post my FR content here for others? If so I’ll DM you my LM login email address it would have come from.

  • I hear you @ldoodle 

    Did you submit product feedback requesting a feature for an Alert List Dashboard?

    Feedback submitted, with a link back to this post.

  • Here’s a better example...

    Specific size windowed mode - looks lovely:

    Maximized mode - what’s all that blank space at the bottom for?!!!:

    In this 2nd pic I’ve intentionally included the widgets below to really highlight the issue.

    If the widgets scale that much, the ‘Results Per Page’ setting needs to be dynamic to also expand and contract with the widget.

  • I haven’t yet, but I am planning to. I like to post here first so I can link to it in the FR form.

    I may even change the FR to something around better widget scaling (which I think is needed generally) - as this would achieve the same outcome without having to build a whole new Dashboard type/process.

    I mean this example looks absolutely fine in windowed mode (pic1), but seems a massive waste of space in maximized mode (pic2). To the point you see less widgets in maximized mode because it scales them far too much!

  • I hear you @ldoodle 

    Did you submit product feedback requesting a feature for an Alert List Dashboard?

  • Yeah of course I know you can do that, but the way the scaling of widgets works is not very sensible. e.g. you have to size the widget to the exact browser window size. And when you drag the browser window bigger or smaller you either end up with space at the bottom, or double scrollbars.

    This example shows 1 windowed mode okay, 1 windowed mode and 1 maximised the browser scroll bar is back…

  • @ldoodle 

    Yes, @Mike Moniz is correct. 

    Testing this in my own LM Portal I was able to resize the widget by dragging out the bottom right corner. I think you need to expand your widget downwards.

    No scroll bars, at all.

  • You should be able to resize the alert widget to keep it contained within one screen, preventing the outermost scrollbar.