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5 years ago

Salesforce Status Page

Hi All,

I have been looking around for a datasource/check that can gather salesforce status page info from here:

I did see the stuff and that works great but Salesforce unfortunately don't publish to there.

Unfortunately I've not found anything as of yet however if anyone has anything already made it would be much appreciated, if not a pointer to a good starting point would be much appreciated

Many thanks


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    Making no guarantees here because i'm not familiar enough with the objects in SFDC to make any kind of informed decision, but here's my first stab. It discovers all instances, groups by region. Some instances are associated with multiple products. Pulls back status, number of incidents (might need to review to only count open incidents), maintenances, and product count per instance.

  • Hi Stuart,

    That is awesome and seems to be working really well,

    Its a shame that Salesforce appears to not be having any issues at the minute to prove it! ?

    The incidents would be good if they were only open but the main requirement is current status.

    Thanks so much for such a quick turn around on this