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6 years ago

Office365 Monitoring

Hi everybody!

I've been using Mike Sudings monitoring solution for a while and i've expanded it a bit to monitor more solutions in Office365.

The Monitors included

  • Custom Domains (quantity) WHEKJJ
  • Deleted Users (quantity) ZHADY9
  • Global Admins (quantity) 7GGZWZ
  • Licenses Assignable ((quantity) based on type) R46EGX
  • Licenses Assigned (quantity) based on type GHRNLL
  • Licensed / Unlicesned Users (quantity) 4PJZJ4
  • MFA Users (quantity of enabled/disabled users) WZFAWK
  • Users and devices in Office365 Tenant (quantity) Devices if clients are joined to Azure AD PLMP22


Hope they are helping the community out

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