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5 years ago

IBM Power 7 & 8 Data Sources

Has anyone been able to create IBM for Power 7&8 systems? if you have I was wondering if you could share those. I have these 2 systems in the office and so far we haven't been able to pull any data.



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    Do you have an idea of the kind of data that you would want to pull out? Do you know if that data is accessible today manually (like on a web page, through an api, through the cli, snmp, etc.)?

  • Hi Stuart,

    Thanks for replying, well so far we have been able to connect via snmp and it does display some of the hardware components but does't generate alerts. Note: I take care of LM but we have other people that work on the IBM systems, I will ask.

    We had a failed drive today and these systems send that information to IBM so they came today to replace but we didn't see that from LM side. Just would like to see what else we could do since we all are now working from home.

    all Windows systems are being monitored and reports alerts and warnings. I will ask our IBM folks and get back to you

    Thanks again