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8 years ago

Disable alert clear calls (but keep clear emails)

After receiving a call about an alert, and ack it, I do not need a call to tell me once it is resolved. This is particularly true when 20 things go down, I get 20 calls, I solve the issue and then I get 20 calls the issue is cleared.

Please add the ability to disable cleared calls

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  • @mnagel, I assume it will not happen but I am talking specifically about voice calls. I still *do* want the clear emails/sms for keeping track on alerts and when they were activated/cleared

    The only thing I do not need is LM calling me the issue is resolved. If I am solving the issue, I know it's resolved when I stop working on it and I don't need 20 calls telling me the issue is solved (what I don't answer goes into my voice mail so now my voice mail is also full). If I cannot solve the issue and I have contacted a 3rd party support, I still ACK it as I am the only one who can solve it. Then if they solve it in the middle of the night I do not need LM calling me at 5 a.m. to tell me the issue is resolved.

    The latter is an actual case were some DNS server we have records on stopped answering some of the queries sent to it (probably one of few servers was stuck but the load balancer still forwarded requests to it). LM called me at 3 a.m. to tell me that our site is not working from the US. I contacted the DNS support via email, put the alerts on SDT until the morning and went to sleep. At 5 a.m. LM called me to tell me it was over which woke me up again.

    I think a more granular alert management is needed so for example I can say that alert cleared voice calls are not sent at night

  • This should already be possible -- does this happen even if you uncheck "Send notification when alerts clear" in the Alert Rule?


  • You are spot on -- the alert rules do not have sufficient capability to do this and I 100% agree they should.  I also have found even with those settings in the existing rules, the options are ignored in some cases.  For example, with custom email integrations, the ack/sdt email is not sent despite what the rule says.  It should be possible to select one or more conditions, not just one or all.  I could go on an on :).  In this specific case, the approach that might work best would be to provide an additional level of filtering on the contact and notification method.  Same would be true for time of day restrictions and perhaps other attributes.

  • Yes, this is a problem for me too.  We want the email notifications, but not the dozens of SMS and voice notifications.  There are times when you know alerts might take several minutes to clear but you know the fix is in place and can go back to bed at 3am.

  • I do agree this needs to be better (and the new release indicates fixes to the Alert Table, so maybe it will help?), but I think using the builtin stuff for alert handling is never going to match the power of what you can do with tools like OpsGenie, VictorOps, PagerDuty, etc.  I hate paying yet more $$, but that's my plan for the long term. Simply not having any facility for shift rotation alone is a showstopper for me.  Maybe LM can arrange some sort of bulk discount with one of those so we can all get access at a lower cost?


  • Hello, 

    Just adding my voice to the others. Is there any way to just disable calls for Alert clearing/resolution?


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    Doesn't completely address the issue, but there is an option on alert rules to opt out of notifying the escalation chan when alerts clear. Not sure how much of this is new functionality based on when this conversation started, but it's available now: