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6 years ago

WMI and LogicMonitor

Hi Team,

I am running into an interesting problem. I have a few stats on a VM not showing properly in LM (says no data) I went through all of the steps for the WMI troubleshooting process and this did not fix it. I then ran some additional tests. on this particular server I was getting the Access Denied and I followed the steps provided in the troubleshooting guide I had to do both DCOM and WMI (through computer management) I had to do this with 2 out of 6 servers and the other 4 servers are working just fine. So after fixing the Access Denied messages I am able to do some queries but not others. I do have a user and pass that is local to the machine and is in the admin group but it cannot query select * from Win32_PerfRawData_PerfOS_System with the logicmonitor user but I can do the query with the administrator user. I checked DCOM and WMI permissions and they are the same, so I am not sure why the logicmonitor user is not able to run this query but the administrator user can. I ran the test using the wbemtest remotely from the server that has the LM collector. Any ideas what else I should look at?

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  • You can also try looking up "LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy" on google. Servers joined to a domain but have a custom local administrators account (aka not the default "administrator") can be blocked by the remote version of UAC. Setting LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy to 1 will disable remote UAC, which does have some possible security implications (like UAC itself) but might be worth trying as a test atleast.


  • Hey @joshlowit1,

    I'm sorry you're having problems with WMI collection. Can I trouble you to engage with Support on this? They can gather the necessary details and get this escalated to the collector team if necessary.