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7 years ago

VMware vCenter monitor VM disk space alerts

Previous versions of VMware datasources had the ability to monitor disk space for VMs via vCenter. Looks like this ability has disappeared after LM fixed a datasource bug in January. We now have 100+ VMs that we monitor via vCenter but no alerts for their disk space. Is this something we are missing by accident, or has LM stripped this functionality on purpose?

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  • @Michael Rodrigues I think what you provided is correct, not sure how this was before, maybe an older version of this datasource had it the other way around. I changed the "applies to" to vCenter instead of ESX hosts and hopefully this is the correct datasource. Thank you!

  • Hi @George Bica, you're probably thinking of the old "ESX Guest Logical Volume" module. This has been replaced by "VMware_vSphere_vDiskCapacity", but both were only applied to ESX hosts by default.

    It probably does make more sense to apply this to vCenter as opposed to the individual hosts. Hosts will lose historical data on their VM instances as they migrate, but they'll all always be visible from vCenter.

    If you change the AppliesTo to include vCenter it will work just fine.