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6 years ago

Token to include DataSource raw output in email and alert body

We have script DataSources that output useful diagnostics information that help Operations to understand the number value when an alert is generated.  We want to include the raw output from a DataSource in the alert and email body.  What we need is a ##DSRAWOUTPUT## token which contains the complete raw output sent to standard out from a DataSource script. 

For example, we monitor for processes running under credentials they are no supposed to be running under, and we want to include that info as textual information in the alert/email body.


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    I am not hopeful at this point based on the past few years for much improvement in the alert/template system, but I can workaround a lot of it with external handlers and property pointers to template fragments.  Not getting collection-time text data back, however, definitely results in a loss of critical information in many cases and could be fixed your way, my way or I am sure some other way.  Mine was focused on instances, but it could equally apply to ephemeral DS level tokens to transmit unknowable text data back via alerts. LM, please pick one!

  • I wouldn't mind even if the token had a size limit (4096 chars would be enough for most of my needs).  Since we have our own UI anyway, I toying with pushing the data into GCP Firebase.