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7 years ago

Retaining attributes while updating LogicModules

Can I also make a feature request to retain the custom thresholds / attributes (user optional, probably by means of a toggle button to choose between overwrite or leave as is ) while updating LogicModules? I did notice related requests from the past and it seems that it is not yet released.



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  • /topic/1073-preserve-some-attribues-on-datasource-update/

    Also need to preserve the subject and body of customized notifications for data source's datapoints.  Though I would much prefer to be able to define customis notifications templates separately and reference the template in the data point config. This would minimize the maintenace effort for customised notifications.

  • Hey @dcyriac, can you provide any more detail on what other attributes you're commonly changing on modules that you'd like to persist?

    Anything outside of?:
    - AppliesTo
    -Alert Thresholds
    -AD/Collection Interval
    -AD Filters

  • Thanks for such a quick reply @dcyriac. What we're considering is basically extending the Device Tree Alert Tuning functionality to the other things in the list. It already includes severity. This would mitigate the need to modify the global definition, and make updating easier.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  • Agree, need the ability to merge/take into account existing datasource customisation with a new/updated version from LogicMonitor - there is already a difference test in place when you look at the repository/updated ds, taking this to the next level by listing differences found and then giving the 'admin' the option to approve/reject those specific difference changes could/would be useful - I realise there will be limits/caveats to this but.....

    I believe that LogicMonitor has the Datasource update/merging process on their roadmap for later this year??