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6 years ago

Major New Features Disabled by Default for Non Admins

Please, please, please DO NOT enable by default major new features for non-admins.  We've just had Mapping appear for every user with no warning; resulting in them raising tickets, which is costly for us using an outsourced service desk!

We only give our users features that we want them to use

What's more I've just had to go through every user record to uncheck Mapping - not helped by the fact that the Users views returns to the first page of results every time! It's taken me an hour almost.

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  • Yikes!  I recall discussing this issue with the dev team during beta review, and they did make sure the roles have the correct defaults.  I just checked and the Map stuff is disabled for all our pre-existing roles (it had not been at one point during beta).  I just spotchecked a client login we use to emulate their view, and there is no Map tab visible.  You might still need to adjust one or more roles.

  • @Mosh

    I deeply apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. This should not have been the case, and I agree, as admins you should be the ones to delegate the view permissions. Here is the current expected behavior:  By default, the mapping tab in the "users" is checked. However, only users with the admin, or manager "role" should have view permissions by default. The Mapping page will no longer be visible if all Saved Maps on it are hidden, and this is the case for non admin/manager roles. And view permissions for the maps tab in the resource tree is also disabled by default for non admin/manager roles. 

    As @mnagel mentioned, this is something we implemented in the beta, and should be functioning properly. I will investigate into your portal and try to understand what caused the deviation from the expected behavior. 

  • HI @Michael Fisher

    It's okay, it's my own fault! I did some further digging because I too was puzzled how they could see it. Turns out they couldn't see it, which is what the tickets were actually about. Traced it down to one user had admin role from ages ago (because it was the only way to work around a bug we encountered to do with the Reports view). That user saw Mapping, got excited and told everyone else! 

    Phew, panic over.

  • For info, looking through the tickets we had, some users actually thought Mapping was something else; they thought it was to do with "making maps" - as in customized Google maps type views, hence their excitement. So that's interesting for us internally as it would seem people are not aware of the map widget! 

  • @Mosh

    Im glad that the panic is over! Seeing a bunch of tickets flow in is always off-putting, even if it's just due to excitement! On our end, we can definitely do better at calling out which roles will have view permissions by default, and which ones will not. Im sure this knowledge itself would have saved you time. I will make sure to update the docs to reflect this change. 

     On another note, would you expect the only role by default to be "administrator" ? Or are the current view settings of "administrator" and "manager" roles by default sufficient? 

  • @Michael Fisher

    Our preference would be that only admins get major new features.  Reason being we may grant some of our functions to manage things, but use of major new features is something is release into our environment through a managed process, as we undertake analysis to understand behavioral impact of new features.  If people receive a new feature it's because we want them to use it a certain way, rather than leave it to them to go off and do things might not be optimal from a operational process perspective (lean principles, six sigma, etc.)  I love agility, but efficient agility :)/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20">


  • I would also agree that only the administrator role gets the new features by default. We actually don't use the build-in manager role ourselves, instead multiple custom roles in it's place, but agree with Mosh that we keep new features limited to a small group of admins who is fully familiar with LM settings/integrations and can work out the best processes to use, or not use in some cases, new features.


  • Thanks for your feedback everyone. We will make sure to incorporate this feedback into our future major releases. :)/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20">