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7 years ago

LogicModule Development Recipes

Hello LogicMonitor Community !

Andrey here from LM's Monitoring Engineer Team. To supplement the suite of scripted LogicModules provided in the LM Support Center, my colleagues and I have created a public GitHub repository with many more examples. 

Have a look at the LogicMonitor GitHub Repo, where you'll find various recipes for solving common monitoring script problems. Both Groovy and PowerShell examples are included

Feel free to comment below with requests and/or suggested improvements.

Happy scripting ! :D

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  • Thanks Andrey.  This is good.  If you haven't already, suggest adding a reference to repo to the relevant documentation page(s).

  • @Mosh good call.

    If you have any good suggestions on what to add to the repo, let us know. Or even better, pull request us !

  • Found the answer :)/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20">

    Does the SNMP library support specifying a port?  We have a case where I need to monitor the host via SNMP (standard port 162), but the application (Squid Proxy) running on the host uses SNMP on a different port to expose metrics.

  • 12 hours ago, Mosh said:

    Thanks Michael!


    I'll be updating the recipes page with some updates to groovy snmp. 

  • Id love to see some documentation on the "com.santaba.agent.groovyapi.http" library.
    For example how can we make it ignore https certificates.