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7 years ago

CDP Neighbors DataSource

CDP Neighbors DataSource with Instance Level Properties


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  • this is cool. it'd be very interesting to see this incorporated into the snmp64 interfaces datasource as instance properties. 


    one thing to mention, add a timeout variable to your snmp.walk because the default is too short and times out. 

    def s_walk_out = Snmp.walk(host,"",60000);

  • @David Bond (LM) I wrote something like this a year ago with a slightly bigger ambition. It pulls the list of CDP neighbours but then on the 10 minute poll it runs a groovy script to check if the CDP neighbour exists in LM and sets off a warning if not. This made it much easier to find unmonitored devices

  • @jamiemurphyit are you willing to share your DataSource?

    I understand if not, but I'd be keen to take a look at it if you are - feel free to send me a message if you don't want to share it publicly.

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  • @jamiemurphyit

    I am interested in your datasource as well.  We are mainly a a Cisco MSP and this would be very helpful to us.