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LM Community Newsletter - August 2023

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9 months ago

LM Community Spotlight


 LM Customer of the Month

Matt Whitney

 Meet Matt WhitneyLM Community customer of the month! 

Matt is a TechOps Administrator at CDI and acts as an LM subject matter expert for CDI's customers and internal engineers. If there is something CDI needs done that is not provided out-of-the-box by LM, Matt can script out custom solutions, such as LogicModules for custom monitoring or API-based reporting.

What do you love most about being a member of the LM community? One great thing about the community is that you can see the different ways other people use the product. If I am trying to do something out-of-the-box in LM (custom monitoring/automations/etc) then the forums are the first place I look to get ideas and see how others have solved for similar things. Also if I notice an issue/bug there is likely already discussion about it in the forums, if not then the forums are a great place to get visibility on issues!



LM Employee of the Month

Patrick Rouse

Meet Patrick Rouse! LM Community Employee of the month! 

Patrick is a Sr. Product Manager joined LogicMonitor January 2022. Patrick is responsible for IT Infrastructure Monitoring (Modules), and passionate about cloud-managed networking.

What do you love most about being a member of the LM community?  “I love hearing feedback (good or bad) and ideas from our customers!”


Top Content



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Product Discussions 

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Tech Talk

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LM News 

Introducing Enhanced Dashboards and Settings in the New UI

Open Beta Process

New UI eLearning Courses Available in LM Academy
Dashboards UIv4 is available starting August 23!

New Settings Beta!

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Datapoint Analysis now available!


API v3 usage & migration

Enhanced API v3 Experience with Delta on device\device endpoint

Experience the new API v3


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Bob’s is such a fungi, he loves Truffle hunting with his friend Lagotto!




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