Windows Scheduled Task Monitoring: Custom Datasource

  • 13 April 2023
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Windows Scheduled Task Monitoring: 


Do Anyone created a Custom DS to discover the Windows Scheduled Task from the host device and monitor for the job failures ?


Best answer by Stuart Weenig 13 April 2023, 23:37

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Have you taken a look at the JobMonitor feature?  There is an example detailing monitoring for Windows Scheduler tasks.

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Don’t know of any. You could setup a job monitor. You could automate that through the API.,Example%202%3A%20Monitor%20Windows%20Scheduler%20Task,-Assume%20the%20monitored

I would be interested in a custom datasource for the Windows Task Scheduler as well. The requirements behind my request are to alert when a scheduled task is disabled / enabled. It doesn’t look like there is anything for this today and the scope of a job monitor isn’t a fit for this either.

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Shouldn’t be too tough to build. Just reference this example. Adjust the script block so that instead of running Get-ChildItem, it runs Get-ScheduledTask instead.