Tunnel interface monitoring in LoigicMonitor

  • 29 May 2023
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We observed that whenever the tunnel interface changes its index ID while it reestablish, LogicMonitor is identifying it as a new interface and get it monitored. Is this an expected behavior in LogicMonitor?


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Hi there, so that depends on the interface itself and whether it has interface index ID persistence. Interfaces that persist their index ID should remain the same prior to a reboot or status change of the interface, but they would be discovered as a new interface instance if they don't persist the interface index.
I would recommend looking into whether the interfaces in question support index ID persistence, and enable it if possible so the interface instance remains the same after a reboot.
If this behavior occurs on a monitored interface in your LogicMonitor portal, I would recommend reaching out to support to look into the specific case in more detail

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If you cannot add that ifindex persist command then your other option would be changing the datasource so that it uses the name as the wildvalue instead of the index.  However, using the index and adding that one line is definitely the best solution.